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If you've got the stuff you need then don't do presents, ask your friends to spread some love through 'MediOliver e-gifts'.
By doing so you become a leader, show others your true self and we bet others will follow your example.

Dont forget to enter your school/club email so you can receive a 'funds raised' certificate so they can make a fuss of you too.

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Organiser Title (shows on certificate) Date Celebrating Headmaster name School secretary
Joe & Nicky Kanerick Joe & Nicky'... 08/11/2014 Joe & Nicky'... Donna Campbell 820 Show
Ceri Lewis Ceri´s Birth... 25/12/2014 My birthday 60 Show
Luca Joseph Luca Joseph 24/01/2015 Birthday Mr Hayward Donna 907 Show
Alex Miller Alex's 11th ... 06/03/2015 my birthday Mr Lewis Hayward Fanny Bostock 790 Show
Admin Admin Medi's 12 ho... 20/06/2015 footballathon m m 5717 Show
Dafna Spiro Jakob Evans ... 25/04/2015 Jakob's birt... Mr Hayward Donna 120 Show
Emilio Revel-chion Emilio's Top... 08/05/2015 Emilio's 11t... Lewis Hayward Donna Campbel 250 Show
natasha ziff Sam's 11th b... 14/06/2015 Sam's 11th b... Lewis Hayward Donna Campbell 170 Show
Sue Brown Max and Levi... 05/06/2015 Bday Lewis Hayward Donna Campbell 450 Show
Jo Flack Ollie's Pain... 31/05/2015 Ollie's 12th... mr Beard headmaster's secretary 255 Show
Ethan Seal Ethan's 11th... 27/06/2015 11th Birthday Mr Hayward Donna Campbell 200 Show
Adam Kassam Adam's 10th ... 24/06/2015 Adam's 10th ... Lewis Hayward Donna Campbel 75 Show
Admin Admin Matvey Kantor 29/06/2017 DONATION 760 Show
Emily Yamen Joshua Yamen... 04/07/2015 Joshua's 11t... 100 Show
Shahira Karmali-Kassam Iman's 8th B... 28/02/2016 Iman Kassam ... Mrs Gabriella Solti Mrs Sue Denton 60 Show