Step 1 Raised so far £1460

UCS JB Deputy Head Dominic Edwards has undertaken to cycle 100 miles from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, out through Surrey and hopes to finish by cycling down The Mall on Sunday 31st July 2016. Mr Edwards was Medi's Year 5 Form Teacher and hopes to raise money towards our pipeline.

Here's how Mr Edwards remembers Medi
"Most importantly for me, was his ability to empathise with others. He was able to understand different points of view and would look for ways to bring these closer together. He blew the school inspectors away with his depth of thinking in a Form Time discussion. This is why he was so well respected by all the boys of the Junior Branch. I can only imagine what someone above recognised this ability and decided they needed Medi more than we did."

Please support Mr Edwards epic ride and give generosity.

Over £118,633 has been raised in the 18 months since Medi was killed and we hope to build this pipeline to for the first time get water to 18,000 people in Medi's pen pal Bekalu's community in Gey, Ethiopia.

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